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5 Great Youtube Channels Your Science Students Will Love

They say a picture tells a thousand words. If so then what about a video?
For some of our students that are more visual learners watching videos are one of the best ways they can learn. Personally, I’d be lost without YouTube teaching me everything from difficult chemistry topics to ancient Roman battle tactics (yes, ok, I’m a nerd).

Over the years I’ve found some fantastic channels to help further explain or expand upon a point and occasionally to show experiments we are no longer allowed to complete in schools.

I also use these videos to show my students aspects of science that we don’t cover in the curriculum but are still really interesting and thought-provoking. And very occasionally we go completely off topic and watch something based on literature, history and others if we have a spare 5 minutes at the end of the week and they’ve all worked hard.

Below are my top 5 favorite YouTube channels along with, in my opinion, the best of their videos. This list is of course purely subjective and I’d love to hear what your favorites are.

1. It’s Okay to be Smart

I mean, come on! What a name for a channel! When you can show your students you can get millions of followers like Joe Hanson does and be an out and out nerd (that’s a compliment, trust me I think he’s brilliant) this is a great role model for our students.

2. Crash Course Chemistry

More for the High Schooler this chemistry course can be quite advanced and but the content is great and the host Hank Green shows a real passion for the subject. If you like these they have many Crash Courses such as the History of Science.

You could argue that watching this course from the beginning is wisest. It is, after all, a course. However, a personal favorite is this video on the History of the Atom – a fascinating trip through history delivered expertly.  

3. Professor Dave Explains

He’s the cool science teacher you wish you had. As he says in the intro “he knows a lot about the science stuff” and his videos explain high school and college science subjects including chemistry. 

Often poorly understood by at least a handful of students (no, hydrogen bonds are not within molecules…). This video clearly explains the concept in  a simple way with great visuals

4. Periodic Videos

This guy rocks. A Professor from England goes through each element on the Periodic Table and talks about the chemistry and interesting stories. When you’re teaching the Periodic Table this is a must-have channel to go watch. 

We simply can’t do this in schools due to how dangerous it is. These guys can and it’s spectacular

5. NileRed

One of my High School students showed me this. And I love it. The videos are quite long so maybe not one to show in class but for those students that show a real passion for the subject, this is a great channel to send them to.

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